Restaurants in Mumbai coping with Corona

The food service industry in India has come to a standstill and hit a major slump due to the coronavirus pandemic. We took this opportunity to talk to some of our clients and food enthusiast to better understand how the outbreak has impacted their business.

Many of the restaurants powered by OrderOn, such as Borivali's Kaffeine and B-103, The Harbour Bay in Bandra and the Versova-based Nomada have temporarily shut shop as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19.

Professional baker and food enthusiast Annabelle Lobo says, "There's no way that you can have people coming from all over the city, they might just be spreading the virus. "

" It is okay to shut down because at least in that sense you’re not exposing customers to a health hazard."

In these uncertain times, Pooja Sahni (Co-Founder On the Baking Tray) stayed away from unnecessary purchases. She further added, "(Since February), we granted leave to our staff, we kept getting on the World Health Organization website to regularly check the basic guidelines and updates. Nobody saw this situation coming or getting this serious."

The Co-Owner of Cubanos in Kalyan, Rohit Bharmbukar told us, "We had kept sanitizers and hand wash, the whole team was briefed regarding this. They would have to conduct a hand wash every half an hour, apart from this all the surfaces were to be sanitized frequently. Further listing their plans during this shutdown period he says "Currently we are working on new concepts so that people are not afraid to come out and try our food." He adds, "We are now more focused on sanitization and the hygiene of the outlet."

At the onset of the latest lockdown, restaurants are being asked to shut down. The National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI), is seeking assistance from concerned governing bodies and were overjoyed with the announcement of the moratorium on all loans for 3 months. They stated that this will enable restaurants to use their cash reserves towards urgent people needs.

Even though restaurateurs had been taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of their staff and customers, the situation has changed drastically. While hoping for the best and a completely clean bill of health to all citizens. In times of closed restaurants, this is a time to analyse data for maximum efficiency. Diving into "what is working" and "what is not," minimizing waste while reaching a maximum yield of ingredients, staff training, and most importantly understanding your customers will surely help in bouncing back.

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