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With OrderOn run smoother restaurant operations, reduce table turnaround time and increase revenue.

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Super Powered POS,

Multiple Features

Daily Operational Features

Offline + Online Ordering

  • Place orders within seconds with a neat ordering interface
  • Integrated with online ordering aggregators
  • No internet? No problem. OrderOn works even when the internet is down


  • Easily update existing or add new products on the go
  • Realtime menu update directly on online ordering platforms
  • Add images to your products and boost your product visuals


  • No more struggling to tally accounts at the end of the day
  • Maintain daily records of all expenses and payments
  • Get daily updates of sales vs expenses

Advanced Operational Features

Inventory &

  • Place orders within seconds with a neat ordering interface
  • Integrated with online ordering aggregators
  • No internet? No problem. OrderOn works even when the internet is down


  • Use customer insights to give repeat customers a hospitable welcome everytime they visit
  • Send updates of events, offers, and special events to your customers


  • No app, no cards required
  • Simple process to earn and redeem bonus
  • Happy customers tell their friends and drive more business for you

Pro Operational Features


  • Keep a check on theft occurring at your sales counters
  • Avoid pilferage of raw materials at the kitchen
  • Close all funnels of theft and run your restaurant worry free


  • View important stats which will get you to understand the products that are working and the ones that don't
  • Learn which raw materials are not being used and reduce unnecessary purchases
  • Learn more about your business than you ever have

Multi Outlet

  • Our multi outlet feature will help you keep track of all your outlets in one go
  • Not restricted to dark kitchens, works for all formats of restaurants
  • Change products and prices for all outlets from one dashboard

Quick, Simple

and Efficient App

Offline + Online

  • No internet? No Problem, Works Without Internet
  • Neat interface to help your employees take quick orders
  • Upload images to help captains while up selling products

Customer information

& Reviews

  • Add customer information
  • View their loyalty stats
  • Take Customer feedback and maintain qualitative CRM

Custom Designed Engaging Apps

E-menu & online ordering

  • Engage customers with custom menus
  • Add images to your products
  • Online ordering integrated with dashboard

Loyalty Points

& Rewards

  • View loyalty offers available
  • Check order history
  • View points status

Wallet and credit


  • Add wallet credits and earn exciting offers
  • Customers can save big with unique wallet points

Know Everything

Happening At All

Your Outlets

Realtime Reporting

  • Sit anywhere in the world and track your restaurants sales
  • View live tables and understand peak hours of work

Offline + Online

Works with or without The internet, and periodically backs your data on the cloud

Simple Interface

Designed For You And Your Restaurant's Staff, Our Platform Is Easy To Learn

Unified platform

Manage Online & Offline orders, inventory, loyalty, accounts and more from one dashboard

Dedicated Service

With a dedicated service team, your issues will be addressed within 10-15 minutes.

Loved by Restaurant Owners of small to large restaurants

Trusted by India’s leading restaurants

OrderOn POS

Designed to boost efficiency and speed, the OrderOn POS will help you take orders within seconds. Right from transfer table to merging of orders, we’ve covered a wide range of features.

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